Alex Caswell is a 30 year old Neo-Psychedelic songwriter from Asheville, NC. Caswell was born and raised in Raleigh, but moved to Asheville in 2016. It is in Asheville that he began studying record producing and record engineering, with the goal of developing these skills to make his own records. He has studied jazz and music theory, as evidenced by the musical flexibility featured on his debut album. Caswell has the ability to stretch or squeeze a phrase or melody into any space that he pleases. He cites Cannonball Adderley and Pat Martino as being influential on his lead guitar playing, which is another fluent skill of his. However, he is quick to point out the influence of classical composers on his songwriting, like Tchaikovsky and Bach, to name a few examples. 


One could reasonably call him a triple threat, but that might be selling him short. He wrote all the songs on Visualize. He plays all the instruments on Visualize, with the exception of drums. He sang all the songs, including each and every harmony part. He recorded, mixed, and mastered every track on Visualize. Caswell even created the artwork for his debut record.


It is a curiosity that Caswell is not more well known. In fact, Caswell has been surrounded by a thriving, growing, music scene in Asheville, but has remained reclusive and he has built a sound factory so private, and hermetically sealed, that it might have left Willy Wonka somewhat impressed. However, like Wonka, Caswell has finally decided to open his colorful, sensory-tickling, world to the public. 


With his debut record, Visualize, Caswell has invited every listener on an adventure in sight and sound. Visualize could be called a concept album, but it is probably more accurate to categorize it as a thematic album. What is the theme of Visualize? It’s hidden in plain sight. One need not a jewelers loop to see it!


Favorite Food: New York style Pizza
Favorite Road in America: the Blue Ridge Parkway
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Decade: 1960's
Favorite Untensil: Spoon
Favorite Painter: Claude Monet
Favorite Audio Effect: Flanging
Favorite Celebrity/Cultural Icon: Bob Dylan
Favorite Record: Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
Favorite Piece of Audio Equipment: Stereo pair of Empirical Labs Distressors
Favorite Writing Untensil: Fine tip Sharpie
Favorite Movie: Yellow Submarine
Favorite Mixer from the 21st century: Dave Fridmann
Favorite Mixer: Eddie Kramer
Favorite Songwriter: Brian Wilson
Favorite Bass Player: Paul McCartney
Favorite band that is unknown by the public: the Moon
Favorite Clothing Accessory: Leather Vest
Favorite Feeling: Euphoria
Favorite Place: Asheville, NC